WhatsApp’s Upcoming Undo Button can help you recover accidentally deleted chats

The list of upcoming features of WhatsApp will definitely enhance your experience in the messaging app. WhatsApp is now developing a new tool to recover deleted messages. Allows users to delete existing system messages. And you can delete not only messages but also sent messages from their chat box. However, sometimes in a hurry, we go down to a soup by pressing “Delete for Me” instead of the “Delete for All” option. WhatsApp’s new undo button will help you to recover deleted chat by clicking on “Delete For Me” option.

According to Wabetanifo, which tracks all the latest developments related to WhatsApp, WhatsApp has announced that it plans to introduce a Disable button soon. So, according to the screenshot, when a user presses the “Delete For Me” option, a pop-up WhatsApp will immediately display asking if the user wants to undo its functionality. The undo button already exists in messaging applications such as Telegram. WhatsApp is likely to have a telegram-like format. Accordingly, it only takes a few minutes or seconds for a user to adjust your actions.

WhatsApp offers many interesting features to its customers. Messaging apps have been found to work on the Edit button, allowing the user to edit messages after they have been sent.

I also saw WhatsApp running on a new chat filter for desktop users. Version 2.2221.1 found a new feature website among WhatsApp desktop beta users. According to a screenshot shared by XDA, a filter button appears next to the search bar. When you select Filter, WhatsApp hides all chats you read and only shows chats that you did not open. After reading all the chats you have not read, you can use the button to clear the filter and restore the original view.