Street Fighter 6: Possible roster leaked

Most of the Street Fighter 6 roster this week may have leaked. Among other things, as shown from the first Kamble Fight game, this is a result of the current state of the game. Leak is a work of art of various fighters. In addition to the many senior players like Akuma, Sangif or Blanca, there are also new characters to admire. So far, Capcom has only confirmed Jamie as the new fighter for the sixth installment of the series. Days after the pictures were released, two videos were released online. One shows Ken and Cam in conflict scenes, and the other shows the Street Fighter 6 menu. Both videos have been removed from the sites where they were first found.

Street Fighter 6 – The (Possible) Roster

  • Ryu (confirmed)
  • Chun Li (confirmed)
  • hatch (confirmed)
  • Jamie (confirmed) (new)
  • Zangief
  • dhalsim
  • Blanka
  • guile
  • E.Honda
  • Cammy
  • Rashid
  • Dee Jay
  • Juri
  • akuma
  • Ed
  • ken
  • Marisa (new)
  • Mimi (new)
  • Lilly (new)
  • JP (new)
  • Kimberly (new)
  • AKI (new)

How realistic is the list?

A few months ago, there was a “leak” on Reddit about the new characters in Street Fighter 6. The description of these characters often matches what can be seen in the pictures posted. Although not in the form of a classic news release, the first reaction leak from Capcom has already been reported. The official Twitter account branded Street Fighter was released on June 4: “We have all seen what we as metro residents should not have, but we are all in the same boat. We appreciate the positive response. Thanks for the support! “

Street Fighter 6: The first details about Kamble and the Beat M-up

Capcom has released the first trailer and new information about Street Fighter 6. Summarize Highlights!
So, it does not seem completely absurd that most of the list actually leaked. However, we can not be 100% sure that the characters listed so far have been confirmed by Capcom. In addition to Street Fighter 6, we’re reported in detail many other highlights of the last Slide of Play.