Fortnite: The trailers for season 3 chapter 3 (Relax) – Fortnite

Since the end of the season event on the evening of June 4, we have not experienced any exciting transitions from one season to another as Fortnight Night servers have been offline all night and in the morning. But to reduce the wait time, two trailers have been released that highlight some of the new features of the map, as well as Battle Pass skins.

Trailers for Season 3 Episode 3

As for the movie trailer, you can see that Fortnight Night has changed a lot, at least in some places west of the map. There seems to be an attraction at the level of the buried public figure, especially one that allows one to go into a bubble. This is in line with the title of this new season “Relax”, however the final film says that not everything is calm.

As for the gamble trailer, it seems to show us some of the new features introduced in this season 3. For example, it seems possible to climb on wolves or find hooks that crawl as fast as a spider. -Man web shooter. New places are also highlighted, especially the big tree that will be important in the coming weeks.

Keep in mind that both trailers confirm the leak as Darth Vader and Indiana Jones come into battle. Those who receive them can open during the season.
Epic Games will give you more information and give you an article on all the new features.

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